Thursday, September 27, 2012

#ThursdayTopThree: First Three Months

The first three months on a new job is tough. James and I have recently gone through the first three months in new positions and have a few thoughts about the process.  Over the next couple of days we will be highlighting our top and bottom three moments of the past three months.

Let’s start out with the bad.

Your first, second, and third mistakes. Unfortunately, you will make mistakes. It is a fact of life, but what you do with the experience is what makes or break you.  Will you make that exact mistake again? Probably not. Now bring it a step further, will you make a similar mistake? Maybe. Try to be a sponge when you make a mistake by absorbing every correction that you get from your superiors and team members so you will not make multiple mistakes.

Depending on what type of boss you may have, your correction may come as passive aggressive or all out yelling. Or it could come to you in an email or a face-to-face calm conversation going over your mistake. But however it comes, take it in stride. You will make many more mistakes over your career and what you learn from them will help shape your professionalism.

8-5 work life is hard. Sleeping in till 10:00am, going to a few classes, taking a nap, going to see a movie, catching a quick bit to eat and bed by 1:00am is now far in the rear view mirror. The first couple of weeks on the job you might be falling asleep at your desk. But by three months in you will be going in to the office energized and ready for the day just by consistently going to bed for 7-8 hours.

Being overwhelmed. On the job training is the norm, but most times jobs will consist of things that you have not done, studied for, or even been trained on in your internships. This is okay because your team will know that you are new and give you grace and time to learn. But learn quick, because you want to show them the star performer that you are!

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