Friday, August 24, 2012

#FridayFive: How I got a job 24 hours BEFORE I graduated

Yes, you read correctly. I received a job offer from a great company literally a day before I was to walk across the stage. But hold on to your hats, because this story gets even more twisted. The job I was offered was a job I never even applied for!

So I know you’re wondering … How did this happen!!!??? Well in this post I will reveal that information and much more.  There are five essentials that I feel helped me to accomplish what most would call unthinkable in 2012. Take this advice to heart because it’s all from my experience and seemed to work pretty well.

Networking – Tell everyone you know (and people you don’t know) about your passion for whatever it is you’re passionate about. You never know whom someone else knows and could connect you with. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin everywhere! Reach out to people who do what you want to do and talk to them about it! Trust me! They want to know you and share their knowledge.  

Resilience – This is a characteristic that is essential in any career and is helpful to anyone looking for a job. Looking for a first job is going to be difficult and stressful. I can remember nights in my last semester of school where I would apply for 5-10 jobs (not even having a degree) and beat myself up about not hearing back. Although, my case is extreme this shows my dedication to wanting a job. If there’s something you want in life don’t let internal or external forces stop you. Be resilient and you’ll be success. Read this post about resilience:

Confidence – You know what you know, so show it in your interview. Make an extra effort to bring up skills and knowledge you have, even if the interviewer doesn’t bring those up. My number one piece of advice is BE YOURSELF during the interview! The person you are during the interview is the person they want to work with if they hire you. Start the way you want to finish.   

Innovation/Creativity - Do something no one else is doing. Think outside the box. In an effort to not be cliché, I’m basically saying create your own persona and don’t copy others. For me, this meant branding myself. By branding myself, I communicated two different skills. I showed my future employer that I am aware of the importance of consistency in branding and that I can do the same for his/her company. See my online portfolio:

A Team – The old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” is very true. When you’re trying to reach your dreams, or even when trying to figure out what those dreams are, a team of supporters is the most valuable asset you can have. These people will edit your resume, call/email you about new job openings they know of, and even provide an ear for you to vent about how you haven’t heard anything back or when you receive bad news. Your team is your core group that will offer you all the things you can’t do for yourself. 

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