Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#TuesdayTopThree: First Three Months

When we start new jobs, there are a mix of emotions and challenges that come our way in the first three months. There will be blood, sweat, and tears shed during this time of your first big kid job out of college. But be excited! You are employed and gaining experience to step into a new thrilling chapter of your life. Here are some exciting things to look forward too.

Being praised by your boss. Now when your boss is talking to his colleagues or clients and they say ‘My Comms guy, he has been working tirelessly on project x, doesn’t it look fantastic?’ you know that your efforts and late hours are being noticed, talked about and appreciated. Also. if your boss gives you a hard time and then they come around saying that you are doing great at the end of it. It makes the tough times in the office worth it.

Getting your first paycheck. This is not working at Target for $8 an hour anymore straightening hangers or processing rude customer returns. You probably have signed a contract, have been given some type of allowance for something, and have your own business cards. I do not think Target did that for me when I was working there.

Camaraderie in the office.  You are the new kid on the block. Within your first three months, get some numbers into your phone of your co-workers. Build a bond with the people around you, if you can. Go to drinks with your team to celebrate an office win. Liking and building a professional relationship with your coworkers goes a long way in job satisfaction. 

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