Monday, September 5, 2011

What to Wear Daily! (WWD)


A contemporary office with postmodern furniture in every corner.

YOU stand up and reach over to shake the hand of your new supervisor, PR PRO. 

Thank you so much for accepting; we will surely enjoy having you work with us as an intern.
No, thank you for this opportunity.   

We’ll see you next week and don’t forget, please dress in business attire.
Right! Business Casual.

As YOU exit PR PRO’s office, you realize that you don’t have very many pieces in your closet that can be categorized as business attire. You panic as you also realized that you don’t have very much money to go out and by a whole new business wardrobe. Slowly you put your down on your steering wheel trying to figure out a solution.

Well worry no more! COPRCLUB is here to solve one of the most common and overlooked issues that many new interns go through. 
As college students, we don’t exactly have suits and pencil shirts at our disposal for our first and sometimes even second internship. Of course we have the usual: college hoodie (that says college), flip-flops for those really hot August days, and our best sundresses we got at a steal last week.  Other than those basics not many of us have complete business outfits. 
So what do you do? Shop Smart! There are many stores out there that have just the pantsuits or button ups that you’re looking for, at intern friendly prices. Below we feature must-have items to add to your intern wardrobe from H&M and Kohl's.  





Now raise your head from that steering wheel, you’ve got some business attire to shop for!
But it doesn’t have to stop there; below we’ve listed some other great places to find amazing deals:



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