Friday, September 23, 2011

When you are in a hurry, getting ready for an interview, you make stupid little mistakes. I have before, and we all do. Especially when we are first starting in the workforce.  Here are 5 tips to keep you from slipping up and forgetting something on interview day.

1.     Copies of Resume: Lets say you are interviewing for an assistant position to a PR office. You may interview with one person, or you may interview with five.  I suggest that you bring at least five copies of your resume just in case.

o   I have been in an interview with four and I only brought two resumes.

2.     Know what you are interviewing for: I have seen a classmate of mine go into an interview and the interviewer asking what do you like about PR. The gal answered, what is PR. #PRFail if there was one.

3.      Scout the location: The morning of the interview you know there will be an unusual amount of traffic, you will get stuck at every light, and then make a left when you should of turned right on New Job Ave. If you go there the day before and do a drive by of the place, you can get the kinks worked out of how to get there. Be on time and don’t get lost. Traffic and getting lost are not good excuses of why you are late to an interview.

4.     Morning Voice: My voice kind of crackles in the morning. If you have this, here is how to get rid of this. Talk to someone at length before your interview. Your dog, your parents, your roommate, yourself even. If your driving down the highway and someone sees you talking, they are going to assume you have a Bluetooth earpiece in your ear. No big deal.

o   What to talk about? Ask yourself questions you think that the interviewer may ask you.

5.     Ask questions: Every job related blog tells you this. It shows you’re interested and it shows your listening skills. I usually come up questions within the interview based on what the interviewer is talking about. Or you could come into the interview with a couple questions in mind. 

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