Saturday, June 18, 2011

PinkBerry's Grand Opening in Colorado Springs!

Yesterday, James attended the grand opening of the Pinkberry store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Pinkberry is currently the most talked about, best tasting, premium-frozen yogurt. The event was phenomenal and luckily for us, James was able to meet and interview Ron Graves, Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of Pinkberry. 

Ron Graves spoke with Colorado PR Club's, James Burge on how his company markets events to why PinkBerry is on top!
James: How do you publicize events in different cities?

Ron: We use a lot of social media outlets to aid in our word of mouth campaigns. We have over 200,000 Facebook fans and over 80,000 followers on twitter. We depend on word of mouth through those outlets to ensure we receive new and return customers.

James: How do you decide where you will be opening a new Pinkberry Store?

Ron: 1-month before we make our decision to open a new store we have sample events at the location.  This helps to ensure that members of the community will be excited about the potential of a new Pinkberry store. Most of the time we already have fans in a specific location and when we open stores in their locations that fan base has already been established and that translates to a customer.

Our wonderful waitress, Audrey serving up Pinkberry!

James: What are Pinkberry’s core values?

Ron: We have 3 important elements that make us a leader in our market: our people, our product and the environment that we provide. Our products match our company and our stores, fresh, clean and light.

James: Recently you have launched delivery and catering services, why?

Ron: We want to show our customers that they can experience all the things we offer in our store at their events. We cater to birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and also churches.

James: Do you have any new products in the works?

Ron: Now I can’t tell you that, but what I can tell you is that we won’t stray far from our core. Too many times companies branch off to other markets and lose focus on where they started. We will continue to be innovative in our approaches to new products.

James: How do you plan to stay competitive with other frozen yogurt chains?

Ron: Pinkberry is an original brand and we don’t focus on our competitors. We will let the customer's taste buds decide who is best.

With 125 locations in thirteen states and eight countries, we believe the people have spoken! 
Pinkberry it is!
Line wrapped around new Colorado Springs' Pinkberry store

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