Monday, June 13, 2011

Internships: Only the Beginning

I have come to realize that my university did not teach me some practical skills that over the past six months since I have learned after graduating. For example, how to make those tough decisions right out of college, but that is a different story. You may feel that being in class is great, but worry that you will not have the tools to pilot the tough postgrad waters?

Who is teaching you these life lessons? Where are you learning them? In what circumstances can you learn them? These are all great questions and thankfully they do not need to be answered now.

But you can start learning these lessons by taking advantage of those internships that everyone is talking about. You hear your teachers drone on and on about them. You may even be required to take one, but what are they? Internships give you a great opportunity to learn life lessons in the real business world outside of the protected 4 walls of a classroom. Being among seasoned professionals in a real business will give you one of the most valuable experiences in your career.

Here @ Colorado PR Club we will help you learn the skills that will help you navigate this new world. Also we will help you land that sought after internship because we know how important they are.

To come we will talk about networking, resume & coverletter building, and also how to become a professional. All helping you build your first & most important brand: YOU, and how to create a personalized elevator pitch that will get you noticed. 

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