Monday, December 19, 2011

What Big Brands Know Internship

About What Big Brands Know: 

What Big Brands Know Internship
What Big Brands Know is a company founded by Gerry O'Brion, a marketing executive who is now a speaker, author, and team development coach. The What Big Brands Know keynote address and guidebook translate the strategies used by billion dollar brands into techniques that businesses of all sizes can use to grow and thrive. Gerry has deep experience in marketing and strategy having worked with billion dollar companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coors, Quiznos and Red Robin. 

The Internship: 

Gerry is seeking an intern to aid in the development and growth of the company. The intern will be working directly with Gerry to Idette, research and develop the annual marketing plan. The objective is to book speaking engagements and other coaching work. In addition, the intern will take the lead in implementing several parts of the marketing plan such as executing a re-launch of the website (, Facebook page and YouTube channel. Finally, the intern may be involved with refining the What Big Brands Know Guidebook, and helping create a new DVD program.
The intern should be excited to work with a seasoned marketing executive who is launching a new venture. There is little structure and no checklist for success. Much of the work will center around understanding the challenge, research and brainstorming possible solutions, recommending a course of action, and then working to implement the plan. The intern will work in a very collaborative and informal environment and most of the work will be completed from your home.
The internship may include travel to one of Gerry's spring speaking engagements. 

Intern Qualifications:
    •   Ability to learn quickly, brainstorm solutions, and make recommendations.
    •   Ability to research, consolidate information and propose a course of action.
    •   Ability to write and communicate clearly and effectively.
    •   Professional attitude and approach.
    •   Ability to self-start and work in an informal situation.
    • Desire to learn from and work with an experienced marketing executive on a new venture.
    •   Experience with social media.
    •   This internship is unpaid, but could lead to paid work in the future.
    •   We can structure this internship to help you qualify course credit. You will have to work with your internship advisor to determine what you'll need to do to qualify.
    •   The working hours are flexible. Expect 5 to 15 hours per week.
    •   The timing is flexible. It would be ideal to marry with spring semester - Jan through May.

    Contact Information 

    Please send a cover letter and resume to Gerry O'Brion at

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