Thursday, June 30, 2011

Job Opportunity

The recruiter at GMR Marketing, Vanessa Kooi is looking to hire students for two open positions through their partner Comcast

The first position is a Lead Brand Ambassador and this person would work from August through December. For this position they are looking for a student who has a large group of Facebook friends and is familiar with the campus and off-campus housing, and preferably is a Comcast service subscriber.  

The second position is a Brand Ambassador’s for Comcast. This is a temporary position where you  would work  August 11-14th from 12pm-6pm. For this position GMR is open to different academic standings and will be based on experience. GMR is looking for students to set-up a booth and help promote Comcast (previous sales experience is a plus and must be comfortable with soft sales).

If interested in either position, please email or call Vanessa Kooi for more information. 

Vanessa Kooi
office: 262.780.6123


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